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Yes. I will provide email addresses such as for all staff members. You choose if you'd like to have your email automatically forwarded to another email address(s) or have web access via my servers.

Yes. I can set up email groups such as, which will automatically forward all incoming emails to each committee member's email address. Forwarding can include up to 15 email addresses.

Yes. Both virus and spam protection are already included on all email accounts. However, this is not a substitute for virus protection software you need to have installed on your own PC. Not all viruses come through email.

Anything you provide to me to put on your website is your property and continues to be your property. This also includes the domain name(s) I register for you, as long as you remain an active client with no past due invoices. Items I supply and place on the website plus the website's design, code and functionality remains the property of the person or organization that supplied it.

Initially, your involvement will include: picking the template, writing the text for the articles and documents/photos you wish to incorporate into the website. I take care of the design, adding pages/features, hosting for the website, registering the domain name and providing support. You will always be able to maintain your own content and documents by advising me of any and all desired changes.

I will not be able to take over your current website nor plug in my functionality without many compatibility issues. That's why I would have to create a new website for you using a template of your choice from any of my providers. Some content changes are available within the template so be sure to ask if you special requests.

Some of my competitors provide instant websites that are available as soon as you sign up. This is because they use automated template software that sets up all of the pre-designed code for your website. The end result is a "cookie cutter" website which restricts your ability to modify and personalize it to your unique needs.

I take a different approach. I will learn about your church and your desires to build a creative and flexible website just for you. This personal touch is how I ensure you and your congregation are proud of the end result.

After you have selected your template and I have received all of your articles, you website will be available within 36 hours.

Visit my templates page for instructions to inspect templates from my providers that you can choose from. Keep in mind that some modifications to these designs are possible so if you have a special need please be sure to ask.

Absolutely! You can have whatever pages you would like on your website.

Simply submit new articles and photos to me via email and I will update your site. It is also your responsibility to notify me of articles that need to be removed. If you know ahead of time when you want an article removed, you can let me know and I can set the remove date at the time of publishing.

Of course! I look forward to seeing pictures of your church and activities. This is a great way to add a personal touch to your website for your members and visitors from your local community.

Yes. I use a number of providers for my stock photography. I have millions of high quality images available.

There are many ways to spread the word to your members about your new church website. Consider including a message in your periodic newsletters, send a letter to each member and show it off at your activities. One of our clients had a great idea to post a permanent sign at their entrance telling visitors and members to visit their website.

This is the same thing as a web address which is what you type in to pull up a website in your internet browser. (

Yes. You may find with some providers that when you type in your domain name it is redirected back to their domain name for your website's hosting. So, instead of seeing your website on you'll see Not only does this result in branding issues, but this can also be confusing to visitors and more difficult for you to direct people to a specific page when your website isn't hosted on your own domain name.

I'll register one for you. The price for this is already built into the annual hosting fee. So, you don't need to worry about maintaining your domain name at all. I will suggest available domain names that match the name of your organization. Then you'll get to choose the domain name you feel is best.

Not if you are going to have me maintain your domain name for you. It's much easier and quicker if you allow me to purchase your domain name(s). You can instead choose to purchase and maintain your domain name(s) on your own through a domain provider of your choice.

Yes. I can register additional domains for you. Additional domain names cost $15.00 each annually. One reason you may want to have more than one domain name is if you wish to own both the .com and .org. I can also point the other domain names to your primary domain name so that people don't get lost.

Yes. I will automatically register your domain name with our privacy protection service which hides your contact information from spammers and marketing companies. This service is included for free with all domain registrations.

Yes. You may use the domain name checker on the right hand side of this page. See what is available but don’t purchase a domain name since that cost is included in my package.

This takes from 4 to 24 hours depending upon how often your internet provider updates their records. In most cases this is done within 4 hours.

Yes, just follow these instructions. Log in to your domain registrar. Locate the area to change your nameservers. Change your nameservers to NS1.CDS-WEBSERVICES.COM and NS2.CDS-WEBSERVICES.COM. Or you can create 2 A Records to point to my servers at Create the first A Record to direct your domain root (usually identified by a @ or * symbol) and the second A Record to direct www.


I will do all this for you as an agent at your domain registrar. Or you can transfer your domain to my domain registrar which will save you the cost of annual domain name registration which I include in my package.

Each domain name I register and maintain for you is the property of your organization as long as you are an active client. If you decide to leave DFW Church Websites, I will release your domain name to your new domain provider.

I have so many available. You can view a list of all available features here. You get to pick which features to include or not to include and even suggest new areas for inclusion. As part of my dedication to fully maintain your site, you can also change your mind after your site goes live without any additional cost.

I’m certainly open to the idea. I would need to look at what you are wanting me to install to make sure it compatible with your website and that I’m comfortable hosting it for you. Additional charges may apply.

You'll be able to upload large files such as audio and video via special FTP accounts that are password protected. You can share the username and password with as many of your staff as you deem necessary. However full FTP access is not allowed as I must protect my proprietary code and files.

Yes. Online surveys give you the opportunity to ask for your member's opinions on topics you choose. I can post multiple surveys and members can view real-time results. Closed surveys can be left online for view only. Members may also leave a comment with their vote to further share their thoughts. This also includes features to restrict one vote per survey.

Yes. Online forms can be configured to match your current paper forms. Members fill them out online and the responses are automatically emailed to the person you indicate. Fields can also be required to ensure you receive the data you need.

Yes. I've found some churches wish to hide their financials and other documents from public view. Therefore, each member has a unique username and password to access these types of items. There are also unlimited levels of security for each page. This is helpful if there is a page you only wish certain types of members to access.

Yes. I have a member directory available which includes a place for a photo. You can choose someone from the congregation to upload each member’s information or for a small fee you can pass the information on to me and I will input it for you.

Yes. Message boards allow members to share thoughts and post questions for other members to respond to. Categories are also created to help keep things organized. The person(s) assigned to be the editor is instantly notified via email of new posts so that they can monitor and edit/delete inappropriate posts.

Yes, you can stream your sermons in audio or video formats.

Yes, I can install a shopping cart module onto your site that allows you to sell products on your website. I do not charge any additional set-up fee, however an additional monthly charge of 9.95 is required for the additional maintenance.

Yes you can accept donations on your website although it is not a part of the original package. Extra programming is required and I must have password access to your financial account in order to set it up.


Of course! You send me the photos (no larger than 1200 x 900 pixels) and the title for the slideshow and I take care of the rest.

Yes, you can have a staff member blog as part of your site. This area would be up to the staff member to update on a regular basis.

Most digital cameras produce images far too large in size to use on the internet. I do ask that you resize your photos to no larger than 1200 x 900 pixels. They can be in a variety of formats including .gif, .jpg, .bmp, .png etc. You can accomplish the resizing using any photo editing software that you may have including the one that came with your computer.

Yes. I can set up an Email Publisher that enables you to create email announcements with formatting (bold, fonts, color, bullets, graphics, links, etc). You can also target your emails to specific members by creating lists for different ministries or activities.

Always let me know how you think the features could be better. If it's something all of my clients could benefit from I'll make it an enhancement request for future development. If it's something specific to your situation I'll need to determine if the customization would be compatible or restrict your website's ability to receive future enhancements. Additional charges may apply.

Let me know what you're needing and where you've seen this feature before. I'll research your request and let you know the feasibility.

First is effective communication. It's important for a church to keep both current members and future members up-to-date on the latest announcements, newsletters and activities. A website is a great tool to disseminate this information to other people. Plus, this information is at their fingertips 24/7.

A website helps reduce administrative expenses. Not only does a website help relieve the administrative burden but it also reduces costs for copying, mailing and responding to requests since fewer items have to be mailed.

Better and timelier communication to your members. After a board meeting you can post your minutes on the website so that members can be quickly informed.

You can enjoy paperless processes. Visitors can fill out forms online which will be emailed to the person(s) you designate. You can then respond to the person via email.

Members can see “what’s gong on” and communicate easier. This gives members more of a feeling that they are part of the activities of the church.

Better organization of current and historical information. .

Added value to your church. Your website should show the pride members have in maintaining the quality of their church and their involvement in the community.

Many people have web design skills of various levels. Chances are somebody in your own congregation may volunteer to design and maintain your church's website. In these situations it is a good idea to consider the following:

What is their level of expertise?

Will the site appear professional?

Can they create the functionality you need and want?

How long will it take to plan and develop the website?

Will you spend too much time on an unproven process?

Can they manage a website hosting account?

What time do they have now and in the future to maintain the website?

Will they do what's in the best interest of the church?

What happens when they disagree with the church's direction?

What happens when they leave or become too busy?

Don't take my word for it. Compare for yourself based on the look of the website and the features you can benefit from. Here are a few points to consider:

No mass produced website template scripts like the “click and build” providers use. I assemble the website's design and layout for you according to the template you choose.

No cluttered and useless pages on your website. I design clean and appealing websites with information members need and will use.

In most cases updates are completed the same business day.

I don’t you alone to reinvent the wheel. I'll always offer suggestions as to what to include on your website, how best to organize it and what to say based on my experience with my other clients. This is not just during the development of your site. I share ideas as they come up even after you go live.

Plus, full support for your website by me is available by phone or email and I will get to know your specific needs over time.

Yes. Both the features I offer and the services I provide are developed from the ground up to ensure they are always scalable to support churches of any size. Because of this approach I don't base my fees on the number of members or visitors.

No. I do all of the work for you. You send me your articles and other document and photos via email and I will upload them to your site.  If you're comfortable using Microsoft Word and email you'll find it very easy to keep your site updated. No HTML or technical knowledge is required.

Yes. Visit our portfolio page to see our features in action.

No. I do not place any advertisements onto your website for my financial gain. You can place advertisements on your site if you wish and the income is 100% yours. We will however place a link back to DFW Church Websites at the bottom of your website.

No. I hate spam just as much as you do. I will never share your personal information with third parties.

I integrate features to help keep spammers from finding your email addresses to begin with. I use fill in web forms that are setup to hide your email address, require an image verification code and prohibit common spam words from being included in the message.

Yes. I can help your members with their website needs as well. I provide custom website design and hosting services to businesses of all sizes.

There are no contracts required when signing-up and you can cancel at anytime. However if you are on the monthly plan I do appreciate it if you commit to 12 months.

After you have selected your template and I have received all of your articles, you website will be available within 36 hours.

Yes your site will appear in search engines. This process takes between a week and two months depending on the search engine and the pertinence of your articles.

I offer an RSS feed component. There are literally thousands of RSS feeds available at no cost and many excellent sources of Christian news.

Just send me the article with a note that you don’t want it published until a certain date and time and I will make that happen. Simple as that.

I utilize the security and expertise of a datacenter here in Texas to house my web servers. A datacenter is a state-of-the-art facility designed to house and protect computer equipment. It's sort of like a Fort Knox for technical folks. Datacenters have their own power generators, security force, air/water supply and many levels of redundancy to help ensure websites are available to the internet. Support technicians monitor the web servers 24 hours a day to ensure they're operating at peak performance.

You don't have to worry about the web hosting. It is already included in my package. I install the system for you and take care of everything.

Maybe. The functionality I provide for your website will not work on all web servers. And it won’t save you any money since I do not give discounts to those who host their own websites.

We design and staff our hosting systems with one objective: To keep your website live 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If I fail to maintain 99.9% availability of your website during any month, please contact me and request a credit of 5% off a month's prorated hosting fee.

Yes. I will make sure the top search engines know about your website and stop by for a visit periodically to get to know your website. The site that I build for you will have built-in SEO functions.

Yes. You'll be given access to view graphical charts that show stats such as: how many visitors view the website each day/month, how many pages are viewed and which areas are most popular.

For the vast majority of my clients, the amount of space allocated for your website is more than sufficient. If the situation arises where you need more space I can certainly increase your limit.

There are no limits on your bandwidth as long as you're using your website for official business related to your organization. So, no music sharing with your friends etc.

My rates are a flat fee regardless of the number of members in your church or visitors to your website. My services are $399.95 annually.

No. My support is included in the annual fee.

The prices you see are not a gimmick to get you to sign up so that I can later increase your costs. Of course I cannot predict the future of the economy as it relates to labor and technology costs. If I do face a situation where I need to increase my fees, my goal will be to keep it reasonable and in line with the industry.

I don't see a need to. From the website design and hosting perspective it doesn't cost me more money just because a church has more members. So, it isn't right to charge more for the same service.

I accept checks and all major credit cards through PayPal.

Billing is done annually and the date is the first of the next month after your site goes live.

Yes, there is a monthly option. You pay a set-up fee prior to any work being done. Then monthly payments begin on the first day of the month following your site going live. Under this option you must commit to 12 months of service. And remember you save 18% by paying annually.

No, all contracts are for one year and you may cancel at any time. Refunds are not issued for any months you have paid in advance and payments will be collected for any remaining months on your annual contract.

If within 30 days following your signup you are not satisfied for any reason you will be refunded the money you have paid minus a $75.00 maintenance fee to recover my expenses in setting up the account (cost of domain name and template).

Yes, I am a licensed Professional Internet Marketer. But I do not recommend these services to my church and non-profit clients. In my opinion the costs of these services far overshadow any benefits derived from the services. I recommend using a good outreach program in your community and directly those who you contact to visit your site for more information. If you still want to know more about SEO, I will be glad to talk with you.

Yes. Contact some local businesses (especially realtors) and ask if they'll pay for your website in exchange for exclusive advertising. We suggest that they pay (reimburse) your church directly so that there is no confusion as to who the owner of the website is in case they stop being your sponsor later.

Our Mission: to provide small churches with economical website design and maintenance. 

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